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  • Made this pie. Took a little longer than my old sweet potato pie recipe, but without a doubt this is the best I have ever eaten. Made the classic version with no pecans or egg whites whipped up for the top. Ate too much on Thanksgiving, but my breakfast piece of pie was not disappointing. Thank you!!! P.S. I did not have a food processor so made it the old fashioned way, by hand and used the hand mixer for blending eggs, etc. together. Again, the best sweet potato pie ever!

    Judi Elster
  • I was so pleased that you posted a recipe on your website that uses the delicious Maple syrup you sell at Two Pigs Farm. We love the syrup on pancakes, waffles, and even hot cereals. Thank you for the recipe. I would love to see more different recipes from you with other ways to use your wonderful syrup.

    Sara Higginbotham
  • I made this for thanksgiving. Super easy to make and absolutely delicious! I made it with the maple pecan topping. So good!

  • Made the pecan topped sweet potato pie - DELICIOUS! So much more intense flavor than the beloved pumpkin. Thanks for the recipe.

  • What fun! Thanks for the recipe. I’ll be giving it a try.


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